Everyone seems to love to celebrate things. Sports victories, holidays, birthdays, promotions, etc… If we were asked if we like to celebrate things we would all say yes, of course! Who doesn’t love some cake, balloons, and a pat on the back after a great win?

The problem is, as much as we say we like to celebrate if we are honest with ourselves we probably don’t make it a priority in our lives or in our ministries. Why don’t we celebrate in our ministries, our home life, and our personal life? (And the volunteer Christmas party doesn’t count!) The reason I have a hard time celebrating is because it takes time. Sometimes I feel like it just wastes time from what we are trying to accomplish. I can point out the flaws and we can talk about the negative things in our lives or in our ministry all day long, and how we want to fix it. But it seems we pass right over when things go well. I have to be constantly reminded people need to celebrate! Heck, one of my favorite things is celebration. We need the celebration so we can endure the hard times and stay in it for a long time. Your volunteers and your ministry leaders need to be celebrated.

I am reading the book, IT (How Churches and Leaders Can Get IT and Keep It) by Craig Groeschel. He reiterates that teams that have great commodore, celebrate together. “It is better to have one person working with you than three people working for you.” Dwight D. Eisenhower. Celebrating the small and big wins together help your team have camaraderie. Builds team and builds friendships over shared experiences. Friendships matter. Gallop research shows that close friendships at work boost employee satisfaction by almost 50 percent. Employees who have a best friend at work are seven times more likely to be emotionally engaged in their job.”

Celebrating the successes as a team and doing life together, creates friendship, which creates a common bond, which increases employee satisfaction and ultimately makes your team better and stronger, which equals greater performance as a team.

Groeschel says, “ We pray. We plan. We perform. And God blesses it. But then we miss a critical step. We don’t party!”

In your ministry look for excuses to celebrate. Anniversaries. Completion of a project, a ministry launch, a personal victory. Make it fun and creative. If you are not good at doing this find someone who is a good party planner and that this comes naturally to. Task them to be the person who makes sure there is a celebration after every win.

One thing small I do at my intern meetings is every week we go around the table and celebrate a God story. We celebrate how God is working on the campuses we are apart of. Each week we are able to share and celebrate the small and the big stories that God is doing.

Take time to Celebrate one another. It might seem for some of us type A personalities that celebration is a waste of valuable time. But ultimately it is something that gives value to those around us. And when we fell valued as a team member it makes us want to work that much harder so we can celebrate again!