by Mike Lueth

So last night a good friend mentioned at our couple’s dinner that it was Valentine’s Day this weekend, which meant that this afternoon I needed to head on out to pick up a card. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day. It seems a contrived holiday, but I’m not a total scrooge either and I do love my wife and in the 40+ years we’ve been married, I have never missed a Valentine’s Day yet. So off I went.

And then at the store I began to select a few cards that seemed to fit our life and relationship and came home with the following three:

“You’re my wife, my friend for life, my forever love …. and I can’t wait to love you more and more every day”

“When we fell in love, I gave you my heart. When we got married, I gave you my word. And as long as I live I will give you my love.”

“Love our hugs and kisses …. love our married life. Love to think how glad I am you said you’d be my wife.”

Three great cards, three great sentiments. And any one of these would be appreciated by my wife and reciprocated with a loving hug and a kiss. All good. But then the following thought struck me, what if….? What if this wasn’t just another card on another Valentine’s Day? What if I also decided to express the written thought inside the card throughout the rest of the year? And not use any words. What would it look like to express “my friend for life” or “I gave you my word” or “how glad I am you said you’d be my wife” through my actions alone? And I decided that’s not a half bad idea and so that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to photocopy the cards I give (I usually give two) and put them some place where I will see them daily for the next year, just as a prompting to remind me that our love isn’t restricted to a mid-February day, or even a year, but forever. And I’m going to try to live out what the cards say, even on my bad days and especially on her bad days. Anyone want to join me?

PageLines-MIKE_LEUTH2.gifMike Lueth is a retired developmental engineering group leader with Motorola. He and his wife Joyce live in Algonquin, IL. They have a beautiful daughter Jennifer, a wonderful son-in-law Alfredo and two fantastically awesome grandchildren AJ and Aisha. Mike has been a volunteer with LEAD222 even since before its inception and has served in multiple roles within the operations and leadership areas. Mike is currently serving as a LEAD coach.