All of our events share the values and purposes of LEAD222 and are designed to target specific participants, such as students,
volunteers and parents in your ministry and help them embrace the call of mentoring in their own lives. 
Our training experiences include training for youth leaders, volunteers, students, parents and adults. 

All our training events are designed to add the following vital values to you and your ministry:

-intentional mentoring training to help launch your next ministry season

-connect you with our national coaching community who share your passion for ministry

-life-giving encouragement, relattionships and encouragement for you, your spouse and your volunteers

-a strategic four year training curriculum for your students to learn how to be come servant leaders for Christ.

Servant Leadership Experience

Mission Trips

Each summer we provide a variety of experiences around the world that are completely organized from start to finish to serve you, your students and leaders. Servant Leadership Experience is a serving experience and leadership training event combined into one, providing an excellent opportunity for your team to connect with other like-minded youth groups. Your students and leaders will have opportunities for hands-on serving and daily leadership training while making memories that will last a lifetime. Each servant leadership experience reinforces the value of mentoring to your students and volunteers

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Join us for a great camp experience for middle school  students at conference point in Lake Geneva. LEAD222 has a team of experienced leaders to take care of all the details of camp for you and your volunteers so you are freed up to minister and build relationships with your students. Check out our great speakers and worship leaders for this year’s camp and our theme this year. We look forward to seeing you at Lead Camp.

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Be With Training

Be With training is a half-day training event for youth leaders and volunteers to learn practical skills and proven strategies to teach  your ministry volunteers and students how to live a life style of mentoring. Do not miss this opportunity equipped  your ministry with skills and resources to do effective mentoring. 

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Life Time Training

A Missional Experience for adult men with hands on leadership training in the area of living a lifestyle of mentoring. Make sure to check out the great opportunities.

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Coaches Corner

Join other LEAD222 Coaches from around the world for three days of building a unique community and also receive training on how to become a better mentor and coach. During our time together we will focus on the spiritual transformation of youth leaders and the vision to change youth ministry culture.


The Global Leadership Summit

August 10th-11th, 2017

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 SolWatch is a wonderful opportunity for you and your spouse to enjoy a time of community and personal development in a beautiful location.  This training will equip you to become a better spouse and parent. It is a time to set your schedules aside and allow us to serve you: restoring your spirit and providing the opportunity to connect with other like-minded youth leaders and spouses. ALL members who choose to be LEAD222 MEMBERS are invited to SolWatch. All expenses but traveling is covered.  Get ready to be inspired, encouraged and refreshed.  Watch the Video.

April 24 - 28th, 2017