Because of the intense grind of student ministry many youth leaders find themselves lacking the genuine relationships they need to stay healthy and stay in the youth ministry game. 

Is anyone in your life not just asking how you're doing, but looking you in the eye and asking, "How are you doing, REALLY?"

An intentional focus on personal and professional development is essential for healthy leaders. That's why we want EVERY student ministry leader in the country to join a LEAD222 Gathering!


A LEAD222 Gathering is a community of student ministry leaders who intentionally coach each other to be better people and better leaders. Some gatherings may have just a few leaders while others may have many. The size is not what's important but rather consistently gathering with like-minded leaders in a coaching and mentoring enviornment of authentic community.

LEAD222 Gatherings are different because they're intentionally designed to create a culture of coaching and mentoring by focusing on the core values of authentic community, healthy families, spiritual integrity, kingdom impact and celebration.

Our goal is that every leader who attends a LEAD222 Gathering walks away saying, “I’m a better person. I’m a better leader. And, I’m not alone” We believe this will help us in our mission to Change Youth Ministry Culture through building healthy leaders who then lead healthy ministries who ultimately see more students come to know Jesus!

What are the LEAD222 Gathering Distinctives?

Intentional Community

  • We're devoted followers of Jesus who hunger to see more students come to know Him
  • Core of the Gathering community is a growing number of LEAD222 Coacehs/CTs
  • Asking good questions of each other and leaving better people knowing we're not alone

Intentional Training

  • Focused on both LEAD222's 5 Values as well as the other areas of expertise contained within the Gathering community

Infusion of Vision

  • Give a clear explanation of the mission of Gatherings to become better people and leaders
  • Clearly share the invitation to those not involved in coaching to become a LEAD222 CT
  • Telling stories about how being a coach, having a coach and mentoring students is bearing fruit in the Kingdom
  • Clearly communicate details of next Gathering and challenge to invite someone else who would benefit from this

Environment Goals

  • Comfortable and fun
  • Large group and smaller group dynamics (breakout groups, prayer groups, etc.)
  • Create intentional opportunities to connect people
  • Create next step challenges for all attenders


  • Function vs. Form. These distinctives must be evident in each LEAD222 Gathering. What form they take is up to the Gathering Director with coaching from their DT Coach.


We win when every leader leaves a Gathering saying:




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