Los Cabos, Mexico
Men's Mission Trip
February 17th - 24th, 2018


A Missional Experience for adults and families with hands –on leadership training in the area of living a lifestyle of mentoring.


Adults and families will get their hands dirty and serve in a variety of different ways. Mission Projects range from food pantries, VBS, painting, construction and more.


Adults and Families will be given training during the week, where they will be challenged to put their leadership abilities to the test in a fun and interactive way.


During the week, we will provide training times and small group interaction to understand and take the first steps to live out the mentoring calling for a LIFETIME.

In 2018 Mens Lifetime will dive into the value of Loving Recklessly. We will explore how Jesus lead others and established love as the central way to do life. Men will be challenged to view their potential leadership being best expressed by the way we love and serve others. What if we loved God and others with a reckless abandon and a selfless heart?


Servant leaders serve because they are motivated by love and humility. Jesus is the perfect example of servant leadership. Jesus humbled himself and became a servant of all. Jesus modeled a lifestyle of leadership that was clothed in love and servanthood.


We are destined for a life of emptiness, darkness, and destruction without God’s love. His love changed everything. We must receive the gift of his love – we can’t earn it and we’ll never deserve it, it is only received. Our theme of Loving Recklessly must begin by acknowledging and receiving the love of the Father for each of us.


Reckless is defined by being out of control. What if our love for God and others was reckless? What if we took the greatest commandment outlined by Jesus, to love God and to love others and made that the greatest focus of our life. This could radically lead our communities to become different places.


The heart of Lead222 is mentoring. Living the constellation of mentoring is one of the best ways to put one’s life into an intentional context of loving one another and growing as leaders.


By our love the world will know that we are followers of Jesus. Love is a language the entire world speaks. We can change the world…by our love.


Below is a brief look at our plan to equip and teach us all over the next several years with content and experiences that will shape the way they choose to live.

Exploring what it means for us to live our faith out in ways that create a difference for the Kingdom.
Everyone will be challenged to view their potential leadership being best expressed by the way we love and serve others..
We want to inspire everyone to courageously overcome the fears that stand in the way of leading others for God’s purposes.
Today’s culture largely shapes the aspirations of us all we must learn to engage in the dreams God has for us.

LEAD222 is a non-for-profit international coaching and mentoring ministry led by Bo Boshers and Keith Cote. LEAD222 is founded on the biblical mandate of 2 Timothy 2:2, which is to disciple reliable leaders who will teach others. We are dedicated to building a community of student ministry leaders that sharpen one another in personal character (inside game) and professional skills (outside game) to reach a generation to become followers of Christ. Utilizing a variety of resources, program and training we offer experienced leadership and best practices to serve youth leaders and spouses, parents, students, staff, and volunteers.

LIFETIME Missions Experiences  is a ministry of LEAD222 and exists to help Adults and Families around the world down a path toward full devotion to Christ. LIFETIME provides both training and missions opportunities to help Adults and Families live out the example of living a Lifestyle of mentoring.  We hope you will join us as we unite together to help others in need.  Your team or family  will be envisioned, equipped and empowered to live a life that extends beyond their needs to meet the needs of others. They will experience firsthand the value of Living a Mentoring lifestyle and learn how to apply this value to their lives not just for one week, but potentially for a LIFETIME.

Men's Mission Trip

“The men’s lifetime trip was exactly what our church needed to help get our mentor ministry off the ground and running. It was great to serve alongside other men, both from our church and others, with the same vision and to learn what it means to live in the Be With Constellation."

Tim Walker

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