We are very thankful when we can partner and collaborate with other ministries. Our partner ministries share our strong value of mentoring and our commitment to build a coaching and mentoring network that is committed to mentoring other youth leaders and living a lifestyle of a mentor. If you are like-minded in this value and would like to partner with us and our vision to change youth ministry culture please contact us using the button below to discuss what a partnership could look like.

National Network of Youth Ministries


National Network of Youth Ministries is partnering with LEAD222 to give support to healthy local networks. NNYM helps free you up to LEAD222 by providing like-minded support through an online networking platform that helps youth leaders find you when they are looking for a group. NNYM has staff in regions across the US (who are also LEAD222 CTs and Coaches) who offer Network coaching, as you do Personal coaching in the group in your community. Learn more by visiting the "network" and "training" sections of their website.


Church of God


Church of God (Anderson) and LEAD222 have partnered to provide opportunities for their member churches to be involved in LEAD222 training opportunities that establish a foundation of mentoring in their ministries. Church of God has over 2100 churches in North America. The youth ministry department is focused on raising up a new generation of Christ-centered leaders through the simple strategy of REACH – DISCIPLE and EMPOWER.




LEAD222 Canada Director - Adam Clarke

LEAD222 is glad to have youth leaders in Canada who are pursuing a mentoring lifestyle in their own unique context and culture. We have a regular Servant Leadership Experience in Canada and have partnered with local ministries to host mentoring workshops in Canada. We are grateful for the coaching connections we have in Canada that have been part of shaping and sharpening our community.